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The world of NFTs is growing and it’s all big on digital art. We get it. HOWEVER, we wanted to stand out from the crowd and be a bit different (a lot different). So we created Fabricity. Combining the real world with the digital, through fabric, crafting our art from recycled materials and used pieces of clothing.

On our hands we have a collection of 4000 unique hand-made NFTs based on the cardano blockchain, and we want to share them with you. Each of our fabric characters has its own unique personality.

Can you find yourself in one of them?


Through the Cardano Community we want to enforce something new and unheard off in the world of NFTs.

Our style and creation process is unique and we want to succeed in the cardano community and in the real world as well.

Our community is what drives us. We want to bring the holders of our fabric characters an opportunity to stand out in the media world and gradually build a city with a great community. The city is going to have everything! It’ll be developed with an elaborate roadmap, staking system and other wonders of the crypto world. Hold your hats, in our case scissors, something truly amazing is yet to come! Sincerely, your Fabricity team.



  • We are here
  • We are here

things first

  • Kickoff and connect through discord, how it goes in Fabricity.
  • Ability to mint every one of our 4000 unique NFTs, where the main mint is the exclusive entry ticket to develop this city together - like real citizens.
  • Bringing real life art into the digital world for people who support the Fabricity community.
  • Freebies and giveaways for our NFT holders + people who didn’t make it in the minting process get their refund.
  • The anticipation is building, we cannot wait any longer and we’ll give you more info about the second faze and a little sneak peak of what it’ll look like!

things second

  • 1000 new NFTs of our unique Fabricity folks
  • Limited & smashing collection available to the holders of the 1st mint for more than 3 weeks.
  • Based on their rarity, these NFTs will be sent out to their new holders with validated wallets.
  • Big things are happening, Fabricity town is slowly coming to life!

not least

  • Hiring our fictional architects and builders to build Fabricity residential areas with six distinct lifestyles and vibes.
  • Characters will be showcased in the form of stop motion animations for the holders of 1st and 2nd series.
  • More info about your new hood.
  • Refined stake system based on the rarity of NFTs, where the stake system can be only used by holders of the first or second drop together with a residential area.
  • Comming soon

Out of


Being entrepreneurs
by heart, jumping on this journey with clear intensions

I’m grateful for bringing smiles to people’s faces by creating stop-motion animations and reaching people all around the world by winning multiple awards.

Martin Smatana
artist & stop-motion animator

Easy-going NFT & crypto enthusiast with a passion for extreme sports. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m a proud founder of a striving startup and an owner of multiple NFTs.

Marcel Sustek
strategy, community

Owner of an international construction company, proud father of two and a cardano expert. When I set my mind to something, be sure I’ll make it happen.

David Kliestik
marketing, business

Our interest in crypto & NFTs has brought us here and connected us with other great peeps without whom it wouldn’t be possible: Laura Emrichova, Marcela Spirkova, Michal Grupac, Natalia Kristakova. So be sure to stick around and see where it all goes.


First come, first serve. Stake out for giveaways and invitations on discord.

Whitelist price: 139 ADA - 2 NFTS per WALLET
Public price: 149 ADA - 4 per TX, unlimited per wallet

Whitelist mint: start time 2:30pm UTC & end time 4:30pm UTC
Public mint: 5:00pm UTC

We chose cardano because we feel at home with it and the cardano NFTs, and also for the great community and immense freedom to create something truly new and different.

First collection will be 4000 NFTs with 7 pieces being one-of-one.

Yes, it’ll be 7,5% from which 100% will be invested in the project development and other goodies mentioned in the roadmap.


Go check out our open positions and send your CV, we’ll be happy to have ya!